Secure VPS-hosting
from 50 USD/month

Available services:

Flexible configuration: Our advantages:
  • data center in Germany;
  • time to first byte (TTFB) in idle mode does not exceed 2 seconds;
  • protection against DDoS-attacks and hackers (CloudFlare, website administration via VPN);
  • high security due to Docker technology;
  • free SSL-certificates within all tariff plans;
  • English speaking support via E-mail and Skype;
  • support response timings are specified in official Agreement;
  • guaranteed fixed price for the next 12 months upon agreement;
  • free trial (money back) within 7 days;
  • easy Agreement cancellation within 3 months.
When ordering hosting from us you get a virtual private server with all your services / websites already installed and configured. So you can right away start posting information and receiving orders. With our additional services you can increase the fault tolerance of your server, configure it to your specific needs, as well as better protect your data.

Typical problems when ordering conventional unmanaged VPS:

Expensive and complicated:
  • VPS traditionally sold "empty" and requires additional adjustment;
  • special knowledge or a system administrator is required for setting up the Web-server and all the necessary additional services;
Website and web server are vulnerable aginst DDoS-attacks, faults and hackers:
  • even after the initial set up VPS remains vulnerable against DDoS-attacks, which can degrade or disrupt the Website operation;
  • static firewall settings (usually iptables) are inefficient against massive DDoS-attacks;
  • a focused brute forse or dictionary-based attack will in some time result in illegal access to your Website or VPS administration functions.

VPS-hosting from BUGOFF:

  • get a working server, and all the sites right now;
  • enjoy the benefits of modern technologies, such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) and SSL-certificates for high security for both administrative and user access to the site, including protection of personal data sent to you by your customers;
  • through VPN technology, at your request the access to manage your site can be limited, for example only by your office. This will substantially reduce the probability of hacking your site by third parties;
  • only pay for the additional services that you need.
Additional services:
  • automated server performance monitoring can prevent the problem before it appears - at intervals of 15 minutes, the system checks the amount of resources used on your server, and will warn you in advance that on the server, for example, ends with main memory or CPU time;
  • system administration (when exceeds the included hours per month) - paid on an hourly basis at a price of 15 USD (EUR) / hour.

Work scheme:

  • choose the most appropriate server, and the necessary additional services to you (our manager will be glad to advise you on the most appropriate solution for your current and future needs);
  • provide your information to establish the Service Provision Agreement (it doesn't matter whether you place the order as a private person or a company);
  • pay for the first month of the hosting.
  • configure the server and additional services according to your wishes;
  • transfer all your websites to our hosting;
  • check their efficiency, and only then switch the flow of the site visitors to your new server;
  • regularly send official documents (invoices, reports, etc.) for your accounting (if required).

Pre-installed software on your server:

  • operating system (Debian 8) *;
  • Web-server: Apache + nginx (with performance optimization);
  • database (with performance optimization) + PHPMyAdmin panel;
  • FTP-server configuration including traffic encryption (SFTP)
  • outgoing mail server (SMTP);
  • dashboard for monitoring in real-time server load;
  • user access via SSH (useful for backup and copy files between website folders);
  • Web-server logs;
  • VPN-server with 3 users access - at your request free of charge (VPN configuration to your specific needs, including the addition of more users, IP filtering, etc. are paid in addition, see Additional Services).
  • SSL-certificate(s) of Web-site level (not self-signed) will be installed at your request free of charge for each site;
  • unlimited number of domains / sub-domains, FTP users;
  • full backup of each website at least 1 time per week (depending on selected plan).
  • transfer of all websites and services from the previous hosting and their registration on the new server.
  • other software as agreed with the System Administrator assigned to you.

Available configurations of VPS*:

Server typeDescriptionCPU (# of cores)RAM, GBSSD, GBBandwidth,
TB / month
hours / month
Price / month,
B-1 An entry-level VPS (Virtual Personal Server) suitable for a small number of medium-loaded websites (the exact number depends on the software load from the websites and their planned attendance) 1 1 25 2 3 50
B-2 Mid-level VPS  is suitable for hosting 3-4 Online stores with the attendance up to 10 000 visits per day. Automatic monitoring is included. 2 2 50 5 5 80
B-3 High-power VPS is suitable for hosting 3-4 Online stores with the attendance up to 30 000 visits per day. Automatic monitoring is included. 2 4 100 8 7 100
B-4 High-power VPS is suitable for hosting 3-4 Online stores with the attendance up to 50 000 visits per day. Automatic monitoring is included. 4 16 400 20 10 130
B-5 Powerful VPS for hosting multiple heavily loaded Online stores with attendance up to 80 000 visits per day, as well as installation of additional services such as own E-mail server. Additionally automatic monitoring is included. 8 32 600 30 15 200

Additional services:

Type of workPackage descriptionBackup frequencyThe number of copies in the storageStorage sizePrice / month, USD / EUR
"Backup Basic" 1 backup with the latest version of files and databases (executed once a week, by default, on Sunday, the day may be changed by agreement with the customer). New backup replaces the previous one. The backup size can not exceed 25GB. 1 time per week 1 25 GB 2.5
"Backup Standard" 3 backups of files and databases weekly (by default performed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the days can be changed by agreement with the customer). The newest copy replaces the oldest one. 3 times a week 3 100 GB 7
"Backup Premium" 5 backups of files and databases weekly (by default performed on weekdays, the days can be changed by agreement with the customer). The newest copy replaces the oldest one. The total size of backups can not exceed 500 GB. In the external storage can not be stored more than 5 backups at the same time. 5 times a week 5 500 GB 11
"Backup Safeguard" Unlimited number of backups of files and databases, totaling up to 30 GB. Backup is performed daily. The rotation is performed on reaching the limit of 800 GB, a new copy replaces the oldest. Daily Unlimited 1 TB 21
Automated monitoring (each website separately) Monitoring of the availability of sites and server services is performed using an automated system. It allows to pre-alert server failures. Has to be separately ordered for the B-1 tariff only. - - - 5
System Administrator Diagnostics and elimination of failures and errors in the server work, caused by the peculiarities of the implementation of your sites. Additional server setup for your specific needs. Advice and transfer of your sites to / from the server (except for a one-time setup at the beginning of the server use). Restore websites from the backup. Configuring VPN according to your specific needs. - - - 20

* The customer does not have administrative access to the operating system on the server. All administrative tasks (including the installation of new and adjustment of existing software) are performed by a dedicated system administrator. The customer has the user access to the server via SFTP and SSH, access to database management via PHPMyAdmin Web panel, and also has the ability to view the current server load via Ajenti Web panel.


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