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Into the hitting the intervals in between sprints of your projects, our developers are finding some time to practice, solving current problems and creating useful tools for an OpenSource community. We are proud to publish it all here and we are hope such decisions will help you save some of your time and budget. If our OpenSource-solutions will be useful for you and you want to ask us a question or just to say "thank you", you can always contact us using the form. We'd love to hear from You!

icon IntraACL Patch for MW 1.27

MediaWiki engine in addition to Wikipedia is used by many commercial and non-profit organizations for the conduct of its knowledge base, structuring of meta-information and other tasks. In the delimitation of access to the information used third-party extensions, such as IntraACL. Unfortunately authors of the extension not always have time to adapt IntraACL to new versions of MediaWiki. We at BUGOFF faced this problem and decided to help IntraACL developers by creating a patch to install IntraACL on MediaWiki 1.27 + Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.1.


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